Xiamen Teshow Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Teshow Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established the first production base of the mainland in Shanghai in 2005. Since founded, Teshow has been adhering to the controller's field.Beginning with the CPU program of microcomputer controller, electronic circuit design, PCB Layout, EMI Made of production, with the continuous development of self-employed technology, Teshow become a professional manufacturer of digital  PID temperature controller.

2018, in Xiamen,established the second production base:Teshow & Gmax Industrial Instrument Co., Ltd. We specializes in industrial temperature & process control for more than 20 years, with advanced modern factory, we have automatic high-speed chip machine, lead-free double-wave welding machine, infrared reflow welder, automatic three-proof coating machine, etc. And the excellent enterprise of the control service, we produce temperature, pressure, flow instruments,SCR,SSR etc. Teshow make a complete solution to customers, create competitive advantages.

In order to provide high quality, high-reliability products for a long time, from technical development, product design to material procurement, manufacturing, sales, transportation and service, quality management activities and quality assurance systems are fully established and implemented.

Teshow instruments are exported to the whole world. We  have good cooperation with BYD, Foxconn etc large factories, while undertaking OEMs, ODM orders, more intelligent,high reliability,high performance is our goal.

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